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A regulatory tool

For Businesses - to manage their legal compliance soundly. For Lawyers - to deliver legal and compliance services to their clients or companies swiftly. RegulApp helps you manage your whole legal work. Your daily tasks naturally build up to an interactive database of legal knowledge. RegulApp provides a direct line of legal advisory communication and co-work. RegulApp keeps track of falling obligations through a regulatory calendar. It helps you avoid redundancies, find answers instantly, and automates what does not need a lawyer’s constant touch.
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Pro-active legislative monitoring

The RegulApp provides an automated pro-active monitoring of legal changes. It monitors and informs you about ongoing legislative plans and developments that are important to you. From the white paper, through public discussions and government work groups, to an effective law. You can share the updates with colleagues, teams, clients. You are in control of what RegulApp's robots will do for you.
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A legal advisory platform

Collaborate without limits. The RegulApp creates a direct connection between Legal Advisors and their Clients. Whether they are members of the same organisation or external parties. Lawyers could share their knowledge instantly with all their Clients. Business owners could connect to multiple internal and external Lawyers to quickly find the best advice.
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Become partners in the RegulApp

We offer our most passionate users the opportunity to develop the RegulApp together with us. Lawyers can create their special line of advisory service through the RegulApp. Businesses would be able to look for specific advice to them. We can go all over the world. Country pioneer Lawyers and Business users can take a stake in the market entry.
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